Lync for Mac

The Office for Mac Blog has recently announced that Lync for Mac will soon be available, at some point in October 2011. This will give Mac users the integrated communications package they have been waiting for.  However unlike the Windows version, which is free to download through your Office 365 homepage, it appears that you must have Office 2011 Standard Edition or above to be able to access it. Regardless of this, it is a great step forward to making another platform besides Windows almost fully compatible with the Office 365 service. Once the new software is launched, Mac users will be able to take advantage of; presence, instant messaging, video conferencing and voice functionality just as Windows users already have.

Mac Testing

It is important to test that systems work on all platforms. So far we have tested Office 365 using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on PC’s. We still need to test the system using Opera. We think that it is important to test the integration of Office 365 with Office for Mac 2011, at this moment in time we are not able to test this. We have however tested the functions of the teamsite using Safari on a Mac, and everything works as expected. We will at some point be testing Office 365’s integration with Office for Mac 2011. Keep checking back to this post to see the progress of testing.