SharePoint 2003 Solution

I think i might have found the solution to the SharePoint issue

After asking around the office, I have┬ádiscovered┬áthat SharePoint 2003 MAY be running service pack 2, if this is the case then the solution may be simply to upgrade to Service Pack 3 and install any hotfix’s that are available. It appeared that a handful of people have had a similar issues (not exactly the same but similar) and their issues have been fixed by upgrading.

It is clear from issues such as this that we NEED to upgrade to either SharePoint 2010/Online, it is a much easier platform to use and manipulate.


SharePoint 2003 theory [Updated]

After some research around the SharePoint 2003 issue, I have come to believe that the problem with the RTE error is not the browser but the operating system. I know this might sound strange as it should not affect the operation of SharePoint on the browser. If this is the case, I have seen a number of fixes for this on the internet, they mostly involve a hack. I will test this theory more when I get to work tomorrow (I have been researching from home today)

I was wrong


Mac Testing

It is important to test that systems work on all platforms. So far we have tested Office 365 using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on PC’s. We still need to test the system using Opera. We think that it is important to test the integration of Office 365 with Office for Mac 2011, at this moment in time we are not able to test this. We have however tested the functions of the teamsite using Safari on a Mac, and everything works as expected. We will at some point be testing Office 365’s integration with Office for Mac 2011. Keep checking back to this post to see the progress of testing.