Office 365 Customer Services


We have been receiving an error in our Office 365 site for about a month now, this error denies us from editing some of the public facing site and permissions. A ticket request was opened around the same time to deal with the problem and it’s only now that we have had any reply (and that was after I sent a few angry emails), in fact I was contacted by phone. Up to this point, customer service from Office 365 had been pretty terrible due to complete lack of contact, however, Josh from Microsoft seemed eager to help and get to the bottom of the problem. Unfortunately he was not able to help from his position but he took as much information as he could and has passed it onto the next stage, he has also promised to contact the department dealing with the request every day and inform me of any changes.

In conclusion, Microsoft customer services are pretty poor when it comes to getting round to your service request but when they do, they provide a good customer service experience.


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