3rd Party Migration Help

Personally, I find it annoying that Microsoft don’t offer any SharePoint 2010 Server to SharePoint 2010 Online migration tools. The fact that we would have to pay a third party company to migrate our databases and other data over to Office 365 doesn’t make me feel great about the Migration process, especially after having to migrate from 2003 to 2010 manually, might as well get some other company to carry out the entire migration process for us.

There are, however, a number of Microsoft Partners that offer several different migration services, and not just migration but also consultation and other aid. This does make me feel a little better about not being given the power to migrate independently. These third party Microsoft partners would work with the team carrying out the SharePoint migration, helping them through the planning and preparation phase then offer their services to carry out the implementation. Despite this, I do get the feeling that they don’t just do it for you, I believe that anyone in the implementation team, working with them,  will learn from their aid and not just sit back and watch them do it all.

Here are some examples of these services:

CORE – http://office365.pinpoint.microsoft.com/en-GB/PartnerDetails.aspx?PartnerId=4295471437

COMPAREX UK Ltd – http://office365.pinpoint.microsoft.com/en-GB/PartnerDetails.aspx?PartnerId=4295469269

Azaleos – http://office365.pinpoint.microsoft.com/en-GB/PartnerDetails.aspx?PartnerId=4295687153

GETRONICS Ltd – http://office365.pinpoint.microsoft.com/en-GB/PartnerDetails.aspx?PartnerId=4297734539


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